The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaning
We have the solution to your problem, if you need a rapid service we are here for you 24 hours day -365 days a year. Simply ring the emergency response number 01239 621821 and we promise to have someone with you within two hours* of your call.

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What we do 

  • Crime and Trauma scene cleaning -
  • Forensic equipment sanitising-
  • Vehicle sanitisation-
  • Hypodermic needle collection-
  • Custody cell sanitising-
  • Insect infestation control-
  • Specialist cleaning supplies-
  • RTA / RTC clean up-Meth Lab / clandestine house  clean up

Following a fatality or serious incident we can

  • Work with the police forces / local authorities to sanitise areas-Following forensics, clean and sanitise public and private properties-Perform needle sweeps-Collect biohazard waste

Trauma cleaning

  • All types of death-Natural death-Suicide-Hanging-Drug overdose-Murder-Decompositions-Deodorising-Waste removal-Floor removal-Sealing-Infestation  control-Specialist cleans and services

RTA clean up

  • Clean up RTA blood spills and carriage way spills-Safe Working techniques-Collection of contaminated fluids and spills. 

 Waste collection and removal 

Commercial site clearance -Traveller site clearance – Specialist waste removal- Hoarders houses – House clearances – Vagrants waste control – Animal waste collection

Outbreak control

Surface control to reduce the chance of outbreak of contagious viruses

Needle sweeps and safe collection

Drugs and drug related cleaning-Specialist waste collection-Hoarders houses-House clearances-Vagrants  waste control-Animal waste collection-Sanitising and virus prevention-Outbreak control-Nursing Home sanitising-MRSA cleaning NORA virus cleaning-Pathogens and outbreak control

biohazardTypes of Blood Borne Pathogens

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) – Hepatitis B (HBV) – Hepatitis A – Hepatitis C – MRSA – NORO virus – Malaria- Syphilis- Tuberculosis

There are new pathogens being discovered everyday !!!

We are the safe solution to the problem

*exceptions may occur due to matters outside our control and in a few rural areas.